Carola Schleuss

Certified Nutrition Consultant and Certified Massage Practitioner

Devoted and passionate to assist you on how to better care for yourselves through whole food nutrition and other modalities, depending on what is best for each individual’s unique constitution.

Carola Schleuss looked into self-care in 1982 because she suffered from depression and low self-esteem. Through therapy she looked deeper into how she could help herself feel better. In 1984, she became a licensed cosmetologist, which improved her self-esteem and depression. By 1993, Carola was taking a serious look at her physical health issues; fatigue, anger, PMS, seasonal allergies, asthma, anxiety, moodiness, body pain, digestive issues and constipation and irritable bowel issues that had persisted since childhood. When she looked into food and other substances affecting her body, she quit smoking cigarettes and went on a cleanse to help her see which foods she was reacting to (allergies). For Carola, 1993 marked the beginning of a six-year journey into self-care and healing.

Carola Schleuss studied the healing arts in Santa Cruz California for six years. Completed 750 hours of Holistic Nutrition, certifying her as a Nutritional Educator/Consultant through the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, which is an accredited program. She studied with herbalist and acupuncturist Christopher Hobbs at the American School of Herbalism and studied Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal program. Carola deeply appreciates the theory of Chinese Medicine and studied the Foundations to TCM at Pacific Rim College and uses this theory in her nutrition and massage practice . Carola, also a Certified Massage Practitioner, did her training at the Twin Lake College of Healing Arts, has over 800 hours and 22 years of practice in deep tissue massage, acupressure, table shiatsu, foot reflexology and Craniosacral through the Upledger Institute. 

In 2002, Carola and her husband Skip moved to Victoria BC Canada and in 2003 they built and opened Simple Remedies Herbal Solutions. During her six years as owner/practitioner Carola focused on educating people about their wellness and the wellness of their animal friends, through whole food nutrition, herbal remedies and bodywork therapies. In 2009, Carola and Skip sold Simple Remedies, but Carola continued to practice in the clinic until 2012 when she and Skip moved to Nelson, BC, Canada.

Carola founded Way of Life Matters in 2009, she continues to devote her time and passion assisting others on how to better care for themselves through whole food nutrition and other modalities, depending on what is best for each individual’s unique constitution. Carola is also working on a workbook for Your Healing Solutions to be finished by 2020.

Carola has an egalitarian compassion for animals, focusing on dogs and cats. While doing her nutrition program, she wrote her final research paper on Enzymes and the Immune System for Animal Friends. She also advocates for and wrote for animals in the Herbal Collective Magazine in Canada from 2004 to 2016.

Because Carola has learned many modalities and has over 28 years of experience, she can be integrative during each session helping you with physical, emotional and nutritional issues.

Carola Schleuss

Carola Schleuss


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